About Helene S. Meyer

Helene S. Meyer

Insurance, Financial Services Broker
Phone: 647-886-4822

I entered the insurance industry over 25 years ago and I am just as passionate about the business now as I was then.

Listening to clients identify their concerns and interests in both the corporate and individual markets, and providing them with solutions to cover their risk, is what I love to do.

I am an Elite broker with Manulife, which gives me access, support and expertise that I can offer to my corporate and high net worth clients. And because I am a true independent broker contracted to represent over 10 insurance carriers, I can show my clients quotes and illustrations from different carriers with different features.

My high energy, enthusiasm and ability to communicate with people, set me apart and I have a very positive approach to life. What some people see as a problem, I see as a challenge. I am not afraid of confrontation and my clients know that I will fight for them and their cause. They also get the best advice because I work closely with lawyers, accountants, human resource managers and other professionals; they are well informed because my passion for continuing education keeps me up-to-date with the ever-changing insurance industry; and they can access the resources they need because I am an accomplished networker who enjoys connecting people that need each other’s services.

I received the Lead Advisor Life and Health Sales award from Qualified Financial Services, and I continue to enjoy significant growth in my business each year. I believe that life is for living but while we are living, we need to be responsible and take care of unforeseen events in our lives.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your personal or corporate insurance risk and estate planning needs, please contact me at hmeyer@hsminsurance.ca or call 647-886-4822.

About David Meyer

David Meyer

Phone: 647-6384909

I am about making life easier for you. Insurance is making the digital move and I am moving with it. My office is digital, and so are the applications we use. I am cutting out the cumbersome paper of the past to allow your insurance applications to be completed faster and accurately.

My focus is on individual life, disability, critical illness, & travel insurance. I’m here to advise you on how to best to financially protect yourselves and your loved ones in the event of a disability, critical illness, or death.

I am an independent broker who can find you the insurance you need with the company that is right for you. I can customize your insurance plan and get you insured with multiple companies depending on the products you need.

Understanding insurance and making the right choices can be difficult. I am a good listener, and I look forward to hearing what your needs are. Being empathetic, I am able to offer solutions that you are comfortable with. I add value by educating you on the options available in the insurance industry. You will be empowered with the knowledge that you know what you are purchasing and why the product is right for you.

Nick Simone - Testimonial

“Helene is a top professional in the insurance industry. Her understanding of insurance and her ability to find the best solutions for the client is her greatest strength. She cares about the client and will always seek out the absolute best product for that client. She is a person you can trust and she will become your friend for life. She is one of the best in the industry. I highly recommend her and the services she provides. Nick Simone, President of Qualified Financial Services.”

Nick Simone

President at Qualified Financial Services

Martin Goldberg

“I have known Helene for more than 35 years, both on a personal and professional capacity. I can honestly say, without any shadow of a doubt that Helene’s advise to me some 25 years ago, has put me in the positive position i am today. I have so much to owe to her for that sound insurance advise she gave me back then…….Helene is extremely professional and knows her products very well. I personally recommend Helene to anyone who wants an honest insurance adviser. Helene, thank you for the years of friendship and sound advise. Thank you !”

Martin Goldberg

New Adventure International Pty Ltd

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